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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Hello, I hope it is ok to post this here- I am a curator at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. We have recently acquired some material related to the Andros in 1980 - specifically the rescue of Vietnamese refugees off the coast of Hong Kong. If anyone was serving on the Andros at this...
  2. Ship Research
    Has anyone any information or photos of the Denholms general cargo ship Industria. I joined her in 1977 when she was a brand new ST14, and I think she was bought by the Chinese a few years later. I'd by interested is anyone knows what eventually happened to her.
  3. Broompark?

    Not sure if this is the Broompark-Denholms Men will know.

    lerwick tonight
  5. Anglia Team

    Chief Engineer Howard worries over the bunkers, wife Nora works out the fuel consumption.
  6. Erskine Bridge

    James Mair esq, 3/E
  7. Nordic Patriot

    4/E & helpers
  8. Nordic Patriot

    Ladies knitting bee.
  9. Nordic Patriot

    Ferry service in operation. C/0 Eric Lauritsen at the helm.
  10. Nordic Patriot

    Joe the Lecky, Tony Potts J/E, D/C, Hamish 3/E, Mick 2/E and Willie 4/E
  11. Nordic Patriot

    Christmas, Jackie, and Willie with a small refreshment.
  12. Nordic Patriot

    A master piece in engineering from Mitsubishi!
  13. nordic patriot

    It was worth it just for the certificate!
  14. anglia team

    Ian on the drums, Mick on the guitar.
  15. anglia team

    The HEAVY lift is Capt Brian Jordan.
  16. anglia team

    L-R Ping, D Saunders, C Hart, Sue & Mick McIntosh.
  17. anglia team

    I am sure the kids would rather be in the class room!
  18. Anglia Team

    The Play Park
  19. anglia team

    Chinese New Year
  20. silver bridge

    At Dannys' Bar, Rory & Terry.
1-20 of 85 Results