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  1. Fishing Vessels
    I'm searching for Catania for som info about the fishing vessel Catania. It is build in Denmark in 1968. My dad was the last owner before it got sold for Poland. Last known number is, Kol 47 Catania from Kolzeberzg.Is there someone there have som information about the vessel of some pictures...
  2. AM Express

    The image is taken north of Denmark, september this year (2014).
  3. NORDVEST [Later changed to:ALAN-A-DALE]

    The 'Nordvest' was in 1939 a recent addition to the fleet of D/S Norden A/S. With accommodation for seven passengers, and powered by a 2300 bhp oil engine, she and her sistership 'Norden' had been completed at Nakakov during 1937-38. In July 1942 she was transferred to USMC ownership, and...
  4. L 304 Niki Nette

    This anchor seiner was a few months ago sold to England
  5. GG 229 Bristol - hull

    Bristol during outfitting in Hirtshals, summer 2001
  6. Fredrikshavn Denmark

    Some smaller inshore fishing vessels in Fredrikshavn Denmark
  7. COS Glory

    In Gibraltar on the 17th February Daniel
  8. Bergenhus

    Bergenhus from Denmark. All additional information is welcome.
  9. RI 324 Mette Kathrine

    Mette Kathrine in home port Hvide Sande early this afternoon just before departure. 17th december 2010
  10. Pionier and Peter Wessel at Frederikshavn during WW2

    Pionier and Peter Wessel at Frederikshavn during WW2
  11. PD 87 Duthies II

    PD 87 Duthies II in Esbjerg in the queue for scrapping. - or a new future down sunny south.. 21.01.2010
  12. INS 110 Boy John

    Boy John at the auction in Hanstholm (Denmark) on the 15th July 2009.
  13. INS 353 Rosebloom

    Rosebloom at the auction in Hanstholm (Denmark) on the 15th July 2009.
  14. VE 422 Kenya - new vessel for Orkney

    This former danish trawler built in 1948 has been sold to Orkney, where she will retire as a pleasure craft. She's expected to leave Denmark next week.
  15. ACS - Air Cavity System
1-20 of 125 Results