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  1. Denton at night

    Denton at night

    Flagship of my fleet, the tug Denton (a rebuilt Smit Nederland) makes her first night sailing at Eastbourne's Princes Park.
  2. Denton at rest

    Denton at rest

    My latest model, Denton, taking a breather from speed and manoueverabilty trials.
  3. A load of old Anchors.

    A load of old Anchors.

    Anchors seen at the Port of London, Marine services at Denton, with the salvage vessel Crossness, overlooking Tilbury power station, Taken 12.11.2007
  4. Gunfleet


    The 1987 built, Port of London vessel Gunfleet seen at Denton (Thames) ,,,with two Svitzer tugs in the distant,,,Is the light is still in use?,,,,,,taken 12.11.2007
  5. Peanuts


    Class B NSTS Denton 19-02-1968