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  1. Tri-Ellis dep. Auckland

    Tri-Ellis departing Auckland c. 1960's. One beautiful cargo liner. Built: 1958 Harland and Wolff, Govan Tonnage: 11,761grt Owners: British Phosphate Commission 1974: Tryphena 1978: Man Tat 1980: Broken up Kaohsiung.
  2. City of London, A.Weir

    City of London, chartered by A. Weir Shipping, with the Ellerman funnel, departing Auckland 14.12.2002. City of London Built: 1997 Tonnage: 23,734 Chartered to Andrew Weir Shipping, Ellerman colours 1998: CGM Caravelle 2001: City of London 2004: MOL Callao 2007: Tiger Breeze........
  3. Wellington Express

    Wellington Express departing Auckland in 1996. Taken from aninbound Fuller's ferry. Wellington Express Built: 1996 Peene-Werft, Wolgast Tonnage: 5,544gt Owners: Tasman Express Line 2002: Marieke
  4. Sultan K.L.(ex Matua)

    Built: 1936 R and W Hawthorn, Leslie and Co, Hebburn Tonnage: 4,193grt Owners: E.K.Litojua, Manila 1936: Built as Matua for Union SSCo of NZ Known affectionately as the 'Banana Boat', she serviced the Auckland-Rarotonga-Fiji-Samoa-Tonga route. 1968: Sold to E.K.Litojua, Manila, r/n Sultan...
  5. Mataura (III) dep.Auckland

    Mataura departing Auckland c.1970's Mataura Built: 1968 Mitsui, Tamano Tonnage: 9,504grt Owners: Federal Steam Navigation 1977: Wild Mallard 1981: Macedonian Reefer 1987: Maracaibo Reefer 1988: Bolero Reefer 1996: Corrado I 1998: Broken up at Alang.
  6. Tapiola dep. Auckland

    Tapiola departing Auckland c.2000. Tapiola Built: 1978 Mitsubishi, Nagasaki Tonnage: 22,235gt Owners: Wallensius Wilhelmsen 1978: Built as Boogabilla(Rederi Transatlantic) 1989: Tapiola 2004: Converted to RoRo Vehicle carrier, 54,680gt.
  7. Columbia Star (III)

    THAT funnel again--Columbia Star departing Auckland, 26.10.1999. Columbia Star Built: 1980 Bremer Vulcan, Vegesack Tonnage: 19,613 Owners: Blue Star Line 1980: Built as New Zealand Caribbean for the Shipping Corporation of NZ Abacus(1989-90), ACT 10(1990-91), Columbia Star(1991-2000)...
  8. Argentina Star (II)

    Taken from Ferguson Wharf, Auckland, 31.12.1998. Just another box-boat, until you see THAT funnel. Argentina Star Built: 1978, as New Zealand Star Tonnage: 17,082 Owners: Blue Star Line 1986: Transferred to Lamport and Holt, r/n Churchill 1991: Back to Blue Star Line as Argentina Star...
  9. America Star (II) b.1971

    Taken from Devonport wharf as she was departing Auckland on 9 February, 2002. America Star Built: 1971 as ACT 3 Tonnage: 24,907 ACT 3(1971-91), America Star (1991-2003) scrapped 2003.
1-9 of 9 Results