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  1. Departure

    The sepia version
  2. Departure

    This 12 in. X 18 in. work, while loosely based on a photograph I found, is a figment of my own imagination. It is obviously an effort to highlight those beautiful paddle tugs so prevalent in the early 1900 s. The liner in the background is the Mauretania. The intent was to produce an atmospheric...
  3. RFA Argus

    And now she is on her own again. 29-11-2009 Falmouth
  4. Oceana

    13-05-2007 Oceana was following Queen Elizabeth 2 out of Southampton.
  5. RFA Argus

    After long laid up time she is finally on the move. Still with tugs but soon she will be on her own. Good passage wherever is your destination.
  6. SANT' ANNA sailing, 8/8/14

    Photo from the collection of the Library of Congress. Since they indicate: "No known restrictions on publication" I assume that the photo is now on public domain. Can anyone provide more details on the ship? Paulo Mestre
1-7 of 7 Results