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  1. Derby

    Flag United Kingdom. Imo 9479929. Build 2011. At Ventana, Chile, 06 Jan. 2013.
  2. Derby

    Federal Line tanker Derby off Port Said.
  3. Derby

    Derby Built: 1960 John Brown and Co(Clydebank)Ltd,Glasgow Tonnage: 31,791grt Owners: Charter Shipping Co(P and O), in Federal Colours 1968: Sold to Vira Cia Nav. S.A. Monrovia, r/n Okeanis 1977: Laid up, then sold for scrapping. The Lincoln, Kent and Derby were fine-looking tankers.
  4. DERBY

    On sea trials 60,built by John Brown (Clydebank) for Charter Shipping Co Ltd London-31791 g.t.-759 ft loa-2 Parmetrada grd. turbs by the shipbuilders 18,000 s.h.p. 16,5 knots on trials -
  5. Derby

    The Federal Steam Navigation Company's tanker "Derby" off Port Said in 1964. Were the tankers the first with the eau-de-nil hull colour later adopted for the Federal reefers?
1-5 of 5 Results