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  1. Derwent

    Royal Mail Lines Derwent was formerly SS&A's Persic. Lying in London's Roal Victoria Dock in 1971 she appears to be uncannily quiet. Dating from 1949 and 13,350 gr tons she is nonetheless a splendid looking ship.
  2. Derwent

    Although carrying her Royal Mail Line name, the former Persic remains in Shaw Savill colours. A very confusing time for enthusiasts and one from which I never really recovered. Henceforth ownership would remain a complete mystery. Seen in London's Royal Victoria Dock in 1970 she was built in...
  3. Derwent

    IMO No: 8820717 Now known as: NANTICOKE BELLE Seen here heading downstrem near Hobart, Tasmania, Australia headed for Sea. Shot taken by: Nancy Jacobs and posted with her permisson.
  4. Derwent

    The Derwent she was built in 1884 and sold to Norwegian owners in 1904. No other information. Look at those guys working in the foremast. Frank
  5. burnt out

    shot taken 1990, near Rosario from MV Derwent.
  6. Derwent

    shot taken 1980. Guess where?
  7. Derwent

    25 years ago, amazing.
  8. Derwent

    deck scene
  9. mv derwent

  10. derwent

    seaforth, liverpool approx 1980
  11. Derwent

    Photo taken 1980, from memory at Seaforth, Liverpool.
1-12 of 12 Results