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  1. Deseado

  2. Deseado

    Photo taken from the West Quay as she was departing Newhaven ex Iberic of Shaw Savill Line but here running for Royal Mail Lines 11,034 gross tons

    Dunedin 1960's Slide is unfortunately was overexposed and grainy.
  4. Deseado

    DESEADO 1942 9641 tgr Royal Mail
  5. Unknown = Deseado

    Unknown freighter, in wartime as it looks to me, probably Belfast built as it's a ''Harland and Wolff photo''
  6. San George

    11,034 g.t. built in 1961. Greek ship laid up at King Harry Ferry on the River Fal 8th July 1982. Formerly the Deseado, what a beauty!
  7. Deseado

    Royal Mail Lines m.v. DESEADO ex Shaw Savill & Albions IBERIC, location unknown
1-7 of 7 Results