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    British India's educational cruise ship DEVONIA of 1939 was a yearly visitor to the port of Amsterdam .
  2. Devonia

    British India Line Deck Games being held on a schools cruise
  3. Devonia

    British India Line
  4. Devonia

    British India Watching lifeboat being lowered in May 1966
  5. Devonia

    British India Line ex Devonshire of Bibby Line Seen here at Stockholm in May 1965
  6. Devonia

    British India The Purser's Office ex Devonshire - Bibby Line
  7. Devonia

    British India Line Looking aft from the Bridge ex Devonshire - Bibby Line
  8. Devonia

    British India Line En route to Corunna in June 1965
  9. Devonia

    British India Line Preparing to sail from Tilbury with teachers watching over the children on deck. To judge from the nasty mess near the port rail it looks as if one of the kids has already felt seasick! (Note the Soviet liner Baltika in the background)
  10. Devonia

    British India,s "Devonia" entering the new Firth of Clyde drydock in Greenock. She may have been the first ship to use the drydock. She was used as a schools educational cruise ship at the time.
  11. Devonia

    BI Line Described as a 'Regatta' but more like an abandon ship exercise!
  12. Devonia

    Alongside at Bristol before she adopted the colour scheme of P&A Campbell
  13. Devonia

    laid up in Bristol during her short Campbell career
  14. Devonia

    British India Line Passengers enjoying a regatta in May 1965
  15. Non-paying passengers on Devonia

    Herring Gulls taking a free ride on cruise-ship Devonia in Firth of Clyde, Jul 1966. Well, it was an ornithological cruise after all.
  16. Birdwatchers on Devonia

    A few of the 900 or so birdwatchers on Devonia enjoying a cruise around the 'bird islands of Scotland', Jul 1966. The man with yellow anorak is the late James Fisher, zoologist, TV presenter, author and trencherman extraordinaire.
  17. Captain of Devonia

    Captain (whose name I've unforgivably forgotten) bidding farewell to his passengers at the end of an ornithological cruise on Devonia (ex-Devonshire) around the 'bird islands of Scotland' Jul 1966.
  18. Devonia

    Rather different to the balcony accommodations on offer today - Cabin No.39 on the BI ship in May 1965
1-18 of 30 Results