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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    We are researching my husband's late father's war journey from Mossel Bay via Durban (he fought in Kenya, then went via Suez to Egypt and Libya; was captured in North Africa and shipped to Italy as a POW where he escaped and ended up in Switzerland). He joined the "Dukes" (The Duke of...
  2. H.M.S Devonshire

    H.M.S Devonshire cutting through the oggin .
  3. Sea Eagle Devonshire

    i am 95% sure this is the launch of the actual Sea Eagle fired at Devonshire. The orange markings are for ranging / photographic reasons, warshot rounds were either white or drab grey / green. The bomb shaped store on the port wing is a modified tank used for mounting cameras to cover the...

    County Class Destroyer, completed Nov 1962. Photo believe taken in 1963

    HMS Devonshire, first ship of the County Class Destroyers, seen at speed during trials program. Photo Dated. May 1962 Official Royal Navy Press Release Photo
  6. Devonshire

    Anybody have an idea which fighting ship this might be? Image is from my great grandfather's collection of images from his time as a merchant mariner in the early 1900s..
  7. Where's your hard hat?

    Mundogas Rio coming alongside Devonshire to lighter. 1978.
  8. HMS Devonshire

    From RFA Regent Nov 1975
1-10 of 10 Results