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  1. Kong Olav V

    DFDS ferry Kong Olav V at Oslo.
  2. Prinsesse Margrethe

    The DFDS ferry Prinsesse Margrethe in Copenhagen.
  3. s.s. BOTNIA

    Type: Steamship Builder: A/S Burmeister & Wain's Maskin- og Skibsbyggeri, Copenhagen Built: 1912 Yard No: 283 Tonnage: 1627 gt 1949: 1972gt Length: 284' 9'' Breadth: 39' 2'' Speed: 15,5 kn Passengers:162 I, 81 II, 285 deck 1948: 82 I, 50 II, 50 deck History DFDS: 1912 - 1966 /...
  4. DFDS v UASC

    This 'near miss' was accomplished without any detectable alteration in course or speed by either ship. Asleep at the wheel - or wideawake at the computer?
  5. Skandi Hercules meets Queen of Scandinavia

    Supply ship or more precise; anchor handling tug, meets ferry at Byfjorden north of Stavanger
  6. Coming to get you...Queen of Scandinavia

    Queen of Scandinavia (former Finlandia) waiting in Oslo for a new load to Copenhagen.
  7. Dana Optima


  9. Princess of Norway and Atlantic Traveller

    Two ferries at Skolten in Bergen. Princess of Norway have had many names through her career: Peter Pan (1986), Spirit of Tasmania (1994), Fjord Norway (2003), Princess of Norway (2006) and Princess of Seaways (2011). Atlantic Traveller was originally Bergensfjord (1993), Dutchess of Scandinavia...
  10. DFDS

  11. DFDS

  12. DFDS

  13. Bergenhus

    Bergenhus from Denmark. All additional information is welcome.
  14. MS Labrador

    MS Labrador Compagny DFDS Taked in Aarhus Harbour, Denmark
  15. MS Athos

    MS Athos cargoship, tripoli 1968 Compagny DFDS
  16. Tor Lagan

    Just wondered what the Lagan Viking would look like in DFDS colours, not too bad if I say so myself! Original photo by Przemyslaw K. Mrowiec
  17. Dronning Alexandrine, DFDS

    Usually called 'Dronningin' (the Queen) as built in Helsingør in 1928. For many years on the route Copenhagen-Faeroes-Iceland. Here senn in Tórshavn on the last voyage in 1964.
  18. Botnia, ex Aarhus, DFDS

    Botnia plyed between Denmark and Faeroes before and after WW2.
  19. S/S Island

    For a long time S/S Island (Iceland) was on the route Copenhagen-Tórshavn-Iceland. Ran ashore near Leith in 1937, and ended its life there
  20. Primula, DFDS

    Primula, one of the DFDS ships on the route Copenhagen-Leith-Tórshavn-Reykjavík. But when?
1-20 of 26 Results