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  1. Dhulia

    The introduction of the Dhulia to William Watkins Gravesend fleet in 1959 was a matter of great pride and a positive motivation in the workforce, not only because she was obviously a state of the art powerful vessel but her arrival was as an addition to the fleet not a replacement. Built by...
  2. Dhulia

    Built by Henry Scarr at Hessle in 1959 for William Watkins the Dhulia was a lovely tug.
  3. Dhulia

    The Watkins tug Dhulia heads back to Gravesend at the end of a turn. Built 1959 by Henry Scarr at Hessle she was 272 gr tons.
  4. Dhulia

    Dhulia in Alexandra Colours looked better in Ship Towage colours
  5. Dhulia

    Dhuhlia, Alexandra Towing. On River Thames at Gravesend. Motor tug built 1959, gross tonnage 272.
1-5 of 5 Results