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  1. Dieppe

    The information that follows this picture is a bit confusing. The tags are. D-Day. Operation Overlord. Norwegian ship to France. And someone have suggested "Dieppe" with a question mark. Whatever, the church, or church-like building on top of the hill ought to be distinctive. And there is

    Harbour of Dieppe with unidentified cross channel steamer.
  3. Senlac

    Sealink's ferry Senlac approaching the ramp at the Quai Henri IV at Dieppe in September 1974. Memorable to me for three reasons. First date with a new girlfriend (later married her!), a very lumpy crossing over on Valencay and a superb meal on Senlac on the way back. My brother was 2nd engineer and
  4. Transmanche Twins together at Newhaven 30.09.15

    Not the best quality photo, I know! I only had my little compact camera and a table top tripod, but I wanted to capture something unusual. One of the very few (perhaps the only) times that the twins Cote d'Albatre and Seven Sisters have been together at Newhaven. I think the reason is that the summ
  5. Dieppe

    London, Brighton & South Coast Railway The 1st Class Dining Saloon aboard the 1905 built vessel on the Newhaven - Dieppe route
  6. Dieppe

    London, Brighton & South Coast Railway Built 1905
  7. Dieppe

    Outer basin in the 1950's with SS Brighton at the passenger terminal
  8. Dieppe

    View of the Inner Harbour in its heyday with Capitain Le Goff and either Villandry or Valencay at the quayside and a Soviet reefer arriving
  9. Cote d'Albatre leaves Newhaven

    Cote d'Albatre rounds Newhaven's breakwater as she leaves for Dieppe on a rainy and windy morning, Tuesday 22nd October 2013. The day was gloomy, so to emphasise this, I processed the image with a grainy black and white film effect (Ilford 400) using DxO Film Pack 3.
  10. Dieppe

    A nostalgic reminder of how it used to be. The inner harbour at Dieppe with the SS Brighton and SS Londres at the quayside
  11. Dieppe

    Transmanche Ferries - At the vehicle loading ramp in Newhaven harbour
  12. Dieppe

    With the reefer Marrakech the inner harbour at Dieppe in the 1970's
  13. Dieppe

    In the heyday of the classic Channel ships the SS Brighton is sailing for Newhaven and either SS Londres or Arromanches waits for a later departure whilst the Rennes, one of the cargo vessels known locally as 'screws,' loads cars and cargo.
  14. DIEPPE, as Hospital Ship in WWI

    TSS DIEPPE Built by Fairfield Govan, Yard No 439 Engines by Wm Denny & Sons Propulsion: Triple screw 3 direct drive Parsons Turbines Tonnage: 1210grt, 301nrt Length: 273.6ft Breadth: 34.2ft Launched: Thursday, 06/04/1905 Built for London Brighton & South Coast Railway Co, London , as a Pas
  15. DIEPPE

    November 02 2006
  16. DIEPPE

    Dieppe in the commercial port awaits a new ship-owner
  17. DIEPPE

    Terminal Transmanche . 30.10.2006
  18. DIEPPE

    in dieppe harbour

    Champs Elysées leaves Dieppe

1-20 of 46 Results