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  1. Dilkara

    Another picture from magazine i have of a Captain I. North of the Dilkara with painting presented to him upon the ships maiden arrival in Melbourne. Someone may have sailed with him.
  2. Dilkara

    Dilkara in an overcast Oahu.
  3. Dilkara

    Dilkara. Picture bought onboard.
  4. Dilkara~Sydney 1980

    ACT's Dilkara seen here in Sydney 1980. See also Allunga and Paralla in this user's gallery.(check the Sydney skyline!)
  5. Dilkara

    Honolulu 1986
  6. DILKARA at Sydney

    Taken in June 1972. She was owned by ACT Australia and ran between Australia and West Coast North America I think. Built 1971. An early RoRo/container. PAD stood for Pacific Atlantic Direct.
1-6 of 6 Results