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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    We are researching my husband's late father's war journey from Mossel Bay via Durban (he fought in Kenya, then went via Suez to Egypt and Libya; was captured in North Africa and shipped to Italy as a POW where he escaped and ended up in Switzerland). He joined the "Dukes" (The Duke of...
  2. Dilwara

    Showing her as she was when she first entered service
  3. Dilwara

  4. Kuala Lumpur and Tjiluwah, Hong Kong.

    and the nearest ship either President Cleveland or President Wilson. Scanned slide from the Lilburn collection.
  5. Crossing the Line 3

    Dilwara 1955 Emerging from the canvas tunnel with a purser doing his best to make life difficult.
  6. Crossing the Line 2

    Dilwara 1955 Moira, capt. QA being coaxed forward. I'm the skinny one still lashed to the ship's rail.
  7. Crossing the Line 1

    Dilwara 1955. We hear what's coming.
  8. Dilwara crew 1955

    Dilwara officers, Port Sudan April 1955
1-8 of 8 Results