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  1. Maritime Family History Research
    This surfaced on another thread regarding Discharge Book numbers. It is very interesting: Quote: At the Port Dock Brewery Hotel in Port Adelaide, South Australia, there is on display the Seaman's Discharge Book of Kate Gold who was Stewardess in 2nd class and survived the sinking. There is a it...

  3. Discharge Book

    Discharge Book issued to Dennis Peter Kinsey on 21.05.1941. Entry No 9 for the period 02.06.1944 to 11.08.1944 shows no ship but the note - Special. Oper. Could this relate to activities connected with the Normandy Landings on D-Day 6th June and covered by a security blackout ?
  4. My Father's Discharge Book

    Came across this a few days ago. Shows his last stint in coastal tankers, ending with Rowbotham's Quarterman. He then came ashore until joining the tug Meeching at Newhaven as Mate. He then became her Master, but it never made it into the book for some reason. The last entry in 1985 is actually...
  5. Discharge book

    A bit older than yours Glenn
1-7 of 7 Results