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  1. Histories
    Hi, I'm trying to get a sense of the approach to Buenos Aires docks in a Royal Mail Steam Packet liner such as RMS Magdalena (5372 GRT) in 1905. Would the master take on a pilot - if so, how early? Presumably he'd need two or three tugs too? How did the tugs and bridge signal to each other...
  2. Dry dock

    2006, We spend 4 weeks in the drydock in Gibraltar. The guarantie on the paintwork was 24 Hours.... This picture was taken at 06.00 GMT
  3. Orion Docking Hobart.

    A lovely period shot.Orient Line 1935-1963 Maiden Voyage 28 Sept. 1935 1939 Commandeered troopship 1941 Collided with HMS Revenge 1946 Returned to Orient Line 1947 Resumed service UK-Australia 1954 Placed on Sydney San Francisco route 1963 Broken up in Belgium Built by Vickers Armstrong...
1-3 of 3 Results