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  1. Buenaventura

    Buenaventura Docks. 2006 view from the bridge wing M/V CSAV Tianjin
  2. Buenaventura

    Buenaventura Docks and Harbour. 2006 view from the bridge wing, M/V CSAV Tianjin
  3. Buenaventura

    Buenaventura Docks. 2006 view from M/V CSAV Tianjin
  4. Buenaventura

    Buenaventura Docks. 2006
  5. Jurong dockyard development

    Deepwater wharf development to accommodate supertankers.
  6. Falmouth Harbour

    26-11-2009 Falmouth Harbour, harbour entrance and harbour craft
  7. Limerick Docks

    Very quiet the tanker SOFIE THERESA had just sailed. 1/2/09
  8. Kielder - Tilbury Oct 2008

    Kielder self-discharging limestone in Tilbury Docks.
  9. Kielder - Tilbury

    Kielder discharging limestones in Tilbury on 19th Nov 2008
  10. Panabo wharf

    continuing work on the extension of Panabo docks. Note the 2"x2" coco lumber scaffolding. HSE nightmare eh!
  11. Royal Portbury Dock

    Portbury dock with the River Avon winding up to Bristol on the left of the picture.
  12. Portbury Dock and Avonmouth

    Portbury and Avonmouth dockwith the River Avon in mid picture.
  13. Avonmouth, Bristol

    Avonmouth docks with the River Severn bridge upper left.
  14. The llandoger Trow Pub

    This pub located near the old dock was built in 1664,name comes from a Captain Hawkins who ran the pub after sailing a trow-a sailing barge between S Wales and Bristol. Several tunnels are located under the pub said to help the press gangs get the crews and for smuggling loot.
  15. Bristol Docks

    Old Courage Brewery now Flats
  16. docks

    thank god for the labour unions , without them , we would not been able to convert our docks to condo,s and yacht harbours
  17. Glasgow/s King George V Dock

    A view taken in 1975 showing Blue Star/s GLADSTONE STAR,P&Os NURJEHAN in the process of repainting after being renamed STRATHNEVIS and Ben Line/s BENARTY.
1-18 of 19 Results