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  1. Dolphin

  2. Dolphin in Aegean Sea

    A dolphin as seen from the cruise ship AQUAMARINE in the Aegean Sea on 4 July 2010.
  3. An unidentified T class submarine

    An unidentified 'T' class boat returning to HMS Dolphin for paying off. Foudroyant (ex Trincomalee) in the background. She has been modified to include a folding snort mast.

    A big lump of nostalgia. Sadly she was destroyed at the hands of the breakers.
  5. T.S. Dolphin.

    The last I saw of the "Dolphin". I think I took this photo about 1979. She had been towed to Bo'ness and burnt out in a bid to get as much of the copper sheathing off her as possible. An absolute crime considering her historic value and the amount of boys that had been through her.
  6. TS Dolphin, Leith. 1949

    Can anybody put names to faces here? Taken in 1949. Second from left in the front is George Muir from Portobello.

    anybody know any faces in this picture taken 1962
  8. Dolphin (Irish)

    At Mousehole
1-8 of 8 Results