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  1. Doric Ferry

    P&O Ferries At Felixstowe on 2nd October 1988
  2. Doric Ferry

    Doric Ferry Seen inward bound in the River Thames September 1965
  3. Doric Ferry

    AT Greenock post trials.
  4. Doric Ferry

    Atlantic SNC 1962 2454 grt 361 ft 55 ft 14 kts
  5. "Kapetan Alexandros A" in Igoumenitsa

    "Kapetan Alexandros A" in Igoumenitsa in 1999 in the beginning of her route from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi for "Agoudimos Lines". She's the former "Doric Feery" (built in 1962). Now, she continues to travel from Albany to Italy. The other ships in the photo are "Ionis" ("European SeaWays"), "Sea...
1-5 of 5 Results