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  1. White Star's DORIC on the Mersey

    This photo was taken by Liverpool photographer Stewart Bale, taken 1923. I found this original 7.5" x 11" some 30 years ago. Perfect detail and clear. Mint condition. If anyone wants a high res image I would be happy to send.
  2. Doric

    White Star Line Painting by A.F. Bannister
  3. DORIC

    The motor tanker DORIC laden. For ships brief details see link below:
  4. DORIC

    A motor tanker of 84073 dwt,built November 1966 by Ishikavagima-Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd,in Yokohama ,Japan. (Nereus Shipping S.A.,Piraeus,managers).An other ship of Costas Lemos,under Liberian flag. 1979 Hoisted Greek flag. 1985 BU in China.
  5. Doric

    White Star Line issue postcard
  6. Ian McGilp

    Kiwi Ian McGilp, 2nd. Engr., M.V.Doric, Glasgow 1959.
  7. unknown = Doric

    DORIC - White Star Line. A detail from an original taken in 1930's.
  8. DORIC

    Auckland 1960's Jorgen Lonn negative
  9. DORIC

    Wellington 1/1969 Built 1949 for SSA 1969 Broken up Doric was on her final voyage, she arrived for scrapping in Belgium in May 1969.
  10. DORIC

    Bluff NZ. 1967. Her final trip to Bluff. Sorry about quality from a 126 instamatic slide.
  11. Doric

    Dusk shot of MV Doric, Home Lines, in Hamilton Harbor, late 1970's
  12. Doric

    DORIC 1923 16484 tgr Cunard White Star B/up 1935 following a collision
  13. Doric (II)

    1949 built by Fairfield S.B. & E. Co., Glasgow for the Shaw Savill & Albion Line. 1969 sold for 107,000 pounds and broken up by Jos. Boel & Fils.
1-13 of 13 Results