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  1. Doris

    On the River Thames in September 1977
  2. Doris

    Ashore near Hartlepool in 1930. From the sandy beach this would appear to be Seaton Carew
  3. Doris

    Doris entering the Tees
  4. Pilot boarding

    Pilot boarding MT Doris outside Rotterdam today.
  5. Bunkers Tallinn Roads

    Doris taking on bunkers from bunker barge Ristna (ex. Apache) Tallinn Roads, Estonia.
  6. Doris

    Chemical tanker Doris discharging calcium carbonate slurry today at Førby, Finland.
  7. Pilot to board Tanker Doris

    Pilot pick up approach to Oulu Finland Gulf of Bothnia
  8. Doris

    MT Doris Through the North Minch 14.12.2006
1-8 of 8 Results