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douglas currie
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  1. Unusual place for lifeboats

    Solent Class, Douglas Currie and Watson, Pentland in the Sharpness sea lock about to enter the Gloucester and Sharpness canal. Behind the boats is the tidal basin, through the outer gate can be seen Lydney dock, the best kept boating secret in the South West! A great and historic place to...
  2. Douglas Currie

    1973 Solent Class Douglas Currie looking lovely (nice brass Keith)and very smooth on flat water, close to Oldbury Nuclear power station on the Severn Estuary en route Gloucester Docks 04 November 2011
  3. Douglas Currie

    Douglas Currie
  4. Douglas Currie

    Douglas Currie
  5. Douglas Currie

    Douglas Currie
  6. Mabel Alice and Douglas Currie

    Mabel Alice and Pentland on there berths in Portishead Marina today. Portishead is the home of many Now Retired Ex RNLI Lifeboats, Mabel Alice is open to the Public throughout the year, why not pay us a visit, (we are only 30 mins from the new weston Pier, and only 5 mins from Junction 21...
  7. Douglas Currie

    The Douglas Currie in Cardiff Bay 3 October 2010 awaiting lock out.
  8. Douglas Currie and The Always Ready

    Bristol Channel. Making passage from Portishead to Cardiff 2 October 2010 as 6 former Lifeboats met to cruise together - nice!
1-8 of 8 Results