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  1. Doulos departing Brisbane

    Another view of this wonderful ship leaving QLD
  2. Doulos

    Seen on a visit to Southampton
  3. Doulos

    The former Franca C of Costa Line when serving as an educational vessel
  4. Doulos

  5. Doulos

    Taken at Keppel Tuas yard. I had thought the old mercy ship was broken up!
  6. Doulos

    The only information written on this slide is Doulos, Valletta. I know nothing more about this ship which was photographed in the River Thames at Gravesend probably in the late 1970s.
  7. Doulos

    Leaving Brisbane for the last time. The maritime world will be poorer when she goes.
  8. Doulos

    At Rio de Janeiro 1980
  9. Kowloon Cruisers

    Star Aquarius on left, Doulos on right and a Star Ferry in middle. Kowloon 25 June 2009.
  10. Doulos

    Shot taken on: 02/09/08 Seen here berthed in Darling Harbour in Sydney Australia on her final tour of Australia prior to Retirement.
  11. Doulos

    Doulos berthed at Pollock Basin - 1980
  12. Doulos - ghostly names

    I hope you will be able to see this, but it is possible to see two of the ship's previous names. After the S in Doulos there is a shadow of the C from Franca C. In between the U & L its also possible to see the N. To the left of the centre porthole can be seen the imprint of an N - this is from...
  13. Doulos Engines

    This photo was taken on the walkway atop the 1971 vintage 18 cylinder Fiat diesel. The subject photo are - please correct me if I'm wrong - the tops of 1914 triple expansion engine and on the left is part of the piston rod. Thanks Portholepaul for showing me the light!
  14. Ted Noffs waterworks

    The Ted Noffs laid on a spectacular water salute as it guided the Doulos out of Sydney harbour for the final time.
  15. Doulos departs Sydney

    At 9:30 this morning the Doulos bid Sydney farewell for the last time. There were no crowds or a fleet of pleasure but the fireboat Ted Noffs put on a spectacular water salute as the Doulos was gently guided out of the harbour.
  16. Doulos in Sydney 2

    Apologies as these are the only photos I can upload, all the others are too large. This ship held together by paint, rust and the faith of those who sail in her. The engines are a highlight, the piston heads of the original engine and part of a piston rod are on exhibit above the 18 cyclinder...
  17. Doulos in Sydney 1

    PortholePaul has beaten me to it! Alas, any Sydneysider can board this ship until September 7th. All eagle eyed shiplovers - it's true, the names of Franca C & Medina (the ship's original name from 1914) are visible on the bow.
  18. New Wharf 8 & Doulos

    An ornament watches over an empty Darling Harbour while the Doulos is at Dock 5. Behind the photographer is a large (and expensive) set of apartments that replaced Wharf 8.
  19. Doulos

    The Doulos has returned! At 94yrs young she will be retired in 2010. For the reasonable cost of $10 you can tour the ship and the 6,000 book bookstore. I'll post more shots during the weekend (after the tour).
  20. Doulos

    Doulos at Port Adelaide 28MAY1989. Located in amongst unmounted slide film folder. Now digitally manipulated to take the magenta colouring out.
1-20 of 21 Results