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  1. Granville Dock Dover

    Seven Seas and Baabda(I think) in Dover's Granville dock.
  2. Frio Brasil

    Greek flag Frio Brasil, formerly ex Geest line I presume, at Dover's Eastern arm.
  3. Kuldiga

    Russian flag Kuldiga formerly a Geest line vessel I presume, at Dover.
  4. Music

    Seatrade's Music arriving at Dover Eastern docks cargo terminal.
  5. Sidi Bishr

    Egyptian vessel Sidi Bishr at Dover.
  6. Cowdray

    Stephenson Clarke's Cowdray at Dover
  7. Wightstone

    Wightstone departing Wellington dock Dover. I believe this was once a handsome collier before conversion to a dredger.
  8. Bramber

    Bramber arriving at Dover.
  9. Klipper 2

    Dutch vessel Klipper 2 and Cypriot vessel Agios Panteleimon in Granville dock Dover.
  10. Beiteddene

    Lebanese vessel Beiteddene formerly City of Limassol departing Dover Western docks.
  11. General Z Dogan

    Turkish freighter General Z Dogan at Eastern docks, Dover. Free Enterprise III in the background.
  12. Abulfeda

    Egyptian freighter Abulfeda berthed on the Eastern arm, Dover.
  13. Christopher M

    Metcalf's Christopher.M at Dover.
  14. Keynes

    Stephenson Clarke's Keynes at Dover.
  15. Marystan

    Honduras flag Marystan discharging at Dover.
  16. Ethel Everard

    Ethel Everard and John V, Granville dock, Dover.
  17. Tugro

    Dutch coaster Tugro entering Wellington dock Dover. I have no idea what employment she was engaged in ie. the extra accommodation on the hold and bolt on bits fore and aft.
  18. Polly Polaris

    Polly Polaris departing Dover western docks.
  19. Horsted

    Stephenson Clarke's Horsted at Dover
1-20 of 27 Results