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  1. Crankshaft Squad

    The team responsible for machining the crankshaft of a six cylinder Doxford being built by the engine shop of Scotts Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. Ltd of Greenock. The engineer in charge is on the left.
  2. UJE

  3. John Lewis

    Ad.from Shipbuilder 1959.five years after Lewis stopped building Doxfords and when all licensees stopped building Doxfords

    Brooks Ltd. was a quarrying company formed in 1840.The company grew steadly thr'o the 19th.century,patenting the non-slip paving stone in 1898,the Brookes expanded its quarrying thr'o out the woorld.Brookes eventually closed 1969. Brookes Ltd.Lightcliffe,Halifax
  5. 3 legged Doxford

    Doxford economy ships engine
  6. Gatehouse at Former Doxford Works Sunderland

    Gatehouse at Former Doxford Works Sunderland, not sure if it's still standing now
  7. Doxford J Type

    Bottom platform, Doxford J type engine. Sunderland 1973
  8. doxford yard

    not only did doxford build strange engines the had strange engines working in their yard , a tank engine with a steam crane on the back , only at doxfords
  9. throttle station

    left hand down a bit , no remote ac control room here , just noise ,sweat, and heat rash lol
  10. ss selma

    another look at a doxford barge
  11. doxford

    a couple of spanking new doxfords , this design , was a cost cutter , that had a reputation of bad stability
1-12 of 12 Results