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  1. Kerimoana

    At anchor at Thursday Island - 30 June 1938 to 16 July 1938 waiting for coal to arrive from Australia before continuing journey from Port of Glasgow to Port of Wellington N.Z. Built at Ferguson's Ship Yards for the Port of Wellington Harbour Board. Laid up December 1980, scrapped late 1981...
  2. Queen of the Netherlands working

    Queen of the Netherlands working on the channel deepening project at the entrance to Port Phillip Bay. Point Lonsdale light in the background. Sept 2008
  3. Stand by dredge for the Queen of the Netherlands

    I am not sure where this is going but it passed the docked Queen of the Netherlands. I assume it is for some sort of dredging operation of the sort that might appease concerns of conservationists.
  4. Queen of the Netherlands, Melbourne Feb 5 2008

    Queen of the Netherlands , in controversial cir***stances, has been engaged by the Port of Melbourne Corporation to deepen Port Phillip Heads, and channels leading into the Yarra River and Appleton Dock. The Queen has been tied up for a week unable to proceed due to litigation instituted by a...
  5. Dredge, Panama Canal

    Dredge in the cut. Panama Canal
1-5 of 5 Results