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  1. BORE II

    Bore Line's BORE II in Copenhagen in the mid 50's
  2. Dronning Maud

    Built in 1906 by A/S Burmeister and Wain's Maskin og Skipsbyggeri, Copenhagen, for Det Forenede Damskipsselskab A/S (DFDS). She served on the route Stettin-Copenhagen-Frederikshavn-Christiania until 1914 when she transferred to Copenhagen-Århus, and other DFDS routes, including Harwich-Esbjerg...
  3. Norway Ferry.

    As war broke out, Dronning Maud was converted for use as a Hospital ship. On May 1st 1940, she was attacked by German sea planes despite being marked with red cross. She caught fire and sank.
1-3 of 3 Results