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  1. Cunard
    While sorting through old photos, I've come across several I took of the Frnaconia in dry dock in London in - I think - the 1960's. They are quite specific - a photo of her stern which identifies her and five shots of various stages of her starboard propellor on the dock floor and then being...
  2. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Hello all. I'm looking for anyone who served on the British Mariner in 1974 when it was in dry dock in Falmouth in September, or who served on the British Explorer when it was in dry dock in Singapore (Jurong? Sembawang?) for a couple of months in Aug-Oct 1976. Can anyone help? Thank you. Also...
  3. Tchibanga at dry dock

    Tchibanga at Dry dock, must be.., port maritime de.....), in french language, but i dont know the date or localisation.. the second ship to the left...
  4. Amsterdam - Dry Dock

    35,000 T floating dry dock - Amsterdam (per writing on slide). British Soldier in dry dock. Slide taken September 7, 1968.
  5. HMCS Assiniboine in drydock after collision Oct 1942

    HMCS Assiniboine in drydock after collision Oct 1942
  6. Queen Elizabeth

    The Queen Elizabeth in shown in a night time view resting in the King George V dry dock at Southampton in August, 1946. Notice she still carries the large wartime radar tower above the bridge, it would be replaced the following year.
  7. Queen Elizabeth

    Another fine color shot of the Queen Elizabeth taken in early 1966. It shows the liner at Greenock in the Inchgreen Dry Dock during her reconstruction to turn her into a cruise ship. She would have a Lido Deck built on her stern complete with a swimming pool.
  8. United States

    The liner United States is shown entering the dry dock at Bayonne, New Jersey in July 1954.
  9. RFA Sir Lancelot

    RFA Sir Lancelot in Dock, Brigham & Cowans, South Shields, c.1973
  10. HMS Glamorgan

    HMS Glamorgan (Portsmouth Summer 1982) in drydock being repaired after being hit by Exocet missile during the Falklands war. The only ship to survive an Exocet strike. (Highly recommend book written by her navigating officer Ian Inskip entitled "Exocet")...
  11. Chindwara in Graving Dock

    British India's Chindwara in dock. Note the supports around the ship.
  12. WW1 Destroyer in Portsmouth Dry Dock

    Need some help identifying this one. Assuming it to be a British Destroyer, it is of 'Turtleback' design with a funnel code of either 31 or 39. Looks more like 31 to me, being of smaller diameter. Not close enough together for 30. So if a Class A, this would limit it to HMS Sturgeon or HMS...
  13. Floating Dock Porstmouth

    Second photograph of the floating dock at Portsmouth. See comments/query posted on the other photograph I have submitted.
  14. Floating Dock Porstmouth

    One of two photographs of a floating dry dock at Portsmouth. Can anyone identify which one? My best unconfirmed information that this is AFD 5, built in 1912, which was destined to be moved to Alexandria in 1939, but only got as far as Malta where she was sunk. Anybody able to identify the tugs?
  15. ORIANA

    Approaching #7 DryDock Southampton, prior to her maiden World cruise for a prop blade change
  16. HMS Cavalier

    Medway River, Chatham Ness, dry dock, museum

  18. Whens the next ship due mate?

    couple of dry dock workers chilling at work. Cammell Lairds 2008.
  19. Refitting at Capetown

    An extensive refit for an unknown fishing vessel
1-20 of 24 Results