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  1. Dryburgh

  2. Dryburgh

    Gibson's Dryburgh,nice little home job,Leith Rotterdam
  3. Dryburgh

    Geo Gibson 1952 1152 grt 251ft 38ft 13kts
  4. Dryburgh

    British LGP tanker DRYBURGH, imo 5094109/ 79,4m/ 1.152gt/ 11,5kn; 10/1952 completed by Grangemouth Dockyard, Grangemouth, as cargo ship for Geo. Gibson & Co., Ltd., Leith; 1968 converted to LGP tanker, 1.593gt; 1973 DRYBURGH, Anchor Gas Tankers Ltd., Leith; 1976 DRYBURGH, Anchor Line, Ltd, Hong...
1-4 of 4 Results