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  1. Aquitania

    Aquitania sits in the King George V Drydock in 1937. The water has been drained enough to see the new propellers installed on the ship the year before. These props were a scaled down version of those used on the new Queen Mary. The four blades on each screw had a much larger surface area than...
  2. River Tyne - Brigham & Cowan Dry Dock

    Two vessels in this photograph are unidentified, other than one is a Texaco ship. Taken in the 60's but not sure when. If anyone can identify these ships please let me know and I'll update the posting.
  3. Aquitania

    I wish the quality could be better, but this image provides a very rare shot of the new Cunarder entering the Gladstone dry dock on 15 May, 1914. The Gladstone was entered directly from the Mersey at this time, and the long channel entrance, when viewed from the opposite side of the dry dock...
  4. Aquitania

    This picture was taken late in the winter of 1938, and it shows workers chipping and painting Aquitania's hull in the King George V. Dry Dock. Her fine lines are very much like those of her predecessor Lusitania, and I think it's easy to see that these two ships were built by the same shipyard.
  5. Aquitania

    Aquitania is shown backing away from the entrance to the Gladstone after having sat along the dock wall shown on the left for about three days. She had been opened up for public inspection during those few days, and when she prepared to leave on 22 May, she was dressed in flags for the...
  6. Aquitania

    I wish the quality of this picture could be better, but I wanted to add this shot of Aquitania because close-up stern views of the ship entering the Gladstone Dock are hard to come by. The image shows the two signs mounted over top of the two port screws warning others to keep clear of...
  7. Aquitania

    Aquitania is seen entering the Gladstone Graving Dock for the first time on May 15, 1914. This 100 year old view of this event must be a rare one, as I've only seen it once. This was probably the last time a large crowd of civilians would get to view something like this at the Gladstone.
  8. Aquitania

    Aquitania rests in the floating dock at Southampton during her annual overhaul in January, 1930. According to the guy I bought this postcard picture from, it's a rare image because the photographer, whose initials are L. C. only took two ship pictures in his life. Apparently he was more of an...
  9. Aquitania

    This picture of the Aquitania was posted many years earlier on SN, but has for some reason been removed from the gallery. I can’t remember the name of the member who posted it, but I do remember it being said that it came from a magazine published back in 1974. I thought it was a great shot...
  10. Aquitania

    Aquitania is shown in the King George V Drydock during her annual overhaul in December, 1938. The dents in her bow, which resulted from her collision with the USS Shaw back in October, 1918, are clearly visible in this shot.
  11. Queen Mary

    The Queen Mary is shown in the King George V Drydock at Southampton following her release from military service on 15 February, 1947.
  12. Aquitania

    The Aquitania is seen during her last trip into dry dock in December, 1948. This picture was taken very soon after this picture, which shows her entering the King George V Dry Dock a few days earlier. Link:
  13. Aquitania

    This is another stern view of the Aquitania taken by Bedford Lemere while the ship was in the Gladstone Graving Dock in May, 1914. It offers a good view of the ship’s rudder, and thus allows for an interesting comparison to the rudder design used on White Stars big trio from the same time...
  14. Aquitania

    Here is another of Bedford Lemere’s famous photographs of the Aquitania, this time providing an outstanding view of the big Cunard Liner resting in the Gladstone Graving Dock in May, 1914. Her great height and elegant counter stern are shown to great effect.
  15. Queen Elizabeth

    The Queen Elizabeth enters the King George V dry dock at Southampton sometime during the 1950’s.
  16. SD Kerimoana

    Kerimoana in Dry Dock at Newcastle after turning back from an attempt to cross the Tasman from Brisbane to Wellington N.Z. due to severe storm and insufficient coal. Hull being cleaned of weeds
  17. Aquitania

    An aerial view of the Aquitania in the Floating Dry Dock during an annual overhaul at Southampton in December 1930-January 1931.
  18. Aquitania

    Interesting view of Aquitania while in the Floating Dock in Southampton. The port was a great and inexpensive place for families to spend a holiday weekend, and these family outings occurred quite frequently whenever one of the big British liners went into dry dock. This photo was taken in 1935.
  19. Aquitania

    Aquitania rests in the Floating Dock at Southampton at the end of 1929. Notice the workman chipping and painting the forward superstructure, and the first coat of protective paint being applied to her underwater body.
1-19 of 36 Results