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  1. Dublin Pilot

    Dublin Pilot
  2. Outbound ferries

    Johnathan Swift and Seatruck vessel outbound from Dublin
  3. Dublin

    Part of the Container Terminal at the port
  4. Dublin

    View of the port from Norwegian Jade with Nassau flag 25th May 2009
  5. Dublin

    River Liffey, Custom House on the background.
  6. Dublin

    Early morning arrival on 26th May 2009
  7. Dublin port

    LEVEN FISHER and HARALD HORN berthed in Dublin in the 1960s.
  8. Dublin

    Arriving at Dublin on 25th May 2009
  9. Unknown Tug Dublin

    Dublin Port 1984
  10. Dublin

    Seen in passing - ships on the riverfront, including the Logos Hope
  11. Dublin

    MV Marus nearest camera plus Stena and Irish Ferries vessels in distance
  12. Dublin 1972

    Dublin Port across the harbour from Bull Island, Jan 1972. The 207m high chimney of Ringsend power station on left. Another stack has been added since.
  13. Stena Nordica

    She sailed from Falmouth on 06-12-2009 for Dublin. Regular run between Dublin and Hollyhead
  14. Stena Nordica

    She is finishing drydocking in Falmouth and soon will proceed to Dublin. She is sailing usually between Dublin and Hollyhead.
  15. Curran

    Here we have the Shamrock Shipping Company's M/V Curran seen here leaving Dublin. No other information. Frank
  16. Leaving Dublin

    Leaving Dublin,......Taken early morning out of Dublin, 08.02.2005
  17. Evening Departure

    Taken from Stena Adventurer as she prepares for an evening departure from Dublin to Holyhead
  18. Dublin Port

  19. Dublin Port

  20. All at once

    Evening Departure from Dublin. Taken from Stena Adventurer. Lindarosa bound Liverpool and ahead of her, Irish Ferries Ulysses
1-20 of 22 Results