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  1. Dunedin Harbor

    From my grandmother's notes: Bus climbed Mt. Cargill 2,260 ft on an old road to show us 2 views. 1. The valley and town of Dunedin 'Southern Hemisphere Edinburgh' and 2. of harbor – sort of like Sydney – countless bays and peninsulas and big enough for any fleet. Dunedin is base for Antarctic...
  2. Dunedin

    Dunedin I have - Built 1874 by Duncan Port Glasgow for Shaw Savill & Albion. Tony W.
  3. Dunedin

    Panorama over the city and docks from Otago Peninsula
  4. Dunedin

    Panorama of the city and port of Dunedin, New Zealand
  5. Port Chalmers, c.1920

    Large sepia photo of Port Chalmers, Dunedin, c.1920. Ships would appear to be 'Maori' (I), 'Navua' (I), 'Maunganui', of Union SSCo. The two Federal SN ships could be 'Wiltshire', of 1912, and 'Northumberland' (I) of 1915.
  6. Dunedin New Zealand

    Duniden New Zealand
  7. Dunedin, shipping, c.1909

    Postcard stamped and dated 1909. At the top of the card says: 'Steamers Waikare, Moeraki, Victoria, Marama and Invercargill at Dunedin, NZ.'
  8. Dunedin

    One of three Camit Class mini-bulkers built by Tohuku Zosen for Maritime Carriers N. Z. Ltd., who placed them on 10 year charters to Union Steam the Dunedin was originally named Union New Zealand. She became Dunedin in 1978 and was sold in 1985 becoming the Chipmonk. She was broekn up in...
  9. Dunedin

    Help wanted please. I took this rather poor slide photo of Shaw Savills -Dunedin- as she was leaving Melbourne on 14/09/1981. Can anyone tell me the precise location? I hope someone will recognise the lighthouse. It was as we left the bay and entered the sea. St. Phillips ?? Many thanks, Rick
  10. Kaitoa, Dunedin

    My last ship. This shot was taken from the Araluen. I has not planning of being in the USSCo at that time. The purpose was to take a photo of Dunedin from my ship. Never dreamed of sailing in the USSCo, where I finished up. I left her in Portland after close to eight years at sea. Marrige...
  11. Dunedin~Sydney 1981

    Shaw Savill's Dunedin seen here at Darling Harbour during the seaman's strike of 1981. Dunedin and Moreton Bay were laid up in Sydney Harbour for around 6 weeks.
1-11 of 11 Results