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  1. Dunera

    Dunera, British India Steam Navigation Co, built 1937 by Barclay, Curle & Co, Glasgow (UK)
  2. Dunera

    Old postcard of this ship any info welcome.
  3. Dunera

    Looking as though she may well have been the recent subject of maintenance the Dunera is seen here at Southampton in the Spring of 1959
  4. Dunera


    passing Gravesend outbound from London 17th September 1967
  6. Dunera

    Seen arriving at Tilbury landing stage.

    An old BR/BTDB photo of DUNERA at Grangemouth in the early 1960s ready to embark a fresh wave of eager schoolkids for exotic destinations. A Barclay Curle product in 1937 for Bibby Line she served as a troopship until 1961 when she was converted for educational cruising, which role she...
  8. Dunera

    The British educational cruise ship DUNERA, 157m/12.620gt, completed on the 10/05/1937 by Barclay Curle & Co., Glasgow, for British India S.N. Co.,Ltd., London; 1937/60 troopship; 13/02/1961 converted by Palmers, Hebburn-on-Tyne, as an educational cruise ship; 11/01/1967 sold to be broken up at...
  9. Dunera

    1937 12615 grt 517 ft 63 ft 14 kts
  10. Dunera

    I noted the thread on troopships and here is one of them, the "Dunera", approaching the Thames in 1965. By the time she was a schoolship rather than a trooper.
1-12 of 12 Results