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dunstanburgh castle

  1. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle in the Mississippi sailing from Destrehan for Rotterdam Botlek with a load of grain.
  2. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Souter's Dunstanburgh Castle is seen at Wallsend in 1970 alongside at Swan Hunter. On the Hebburn side of the river the RFAs Blue and Grey Rover are fitting out at the Hawthorn Leslie yard and the ferry jetty and its surrounds show several ageing units of the Mid Tyne Ferries fleet. Sundays provided
  3. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    W A Souter's Bamburgh Shipping owned the 57,133 gr ton Dunstanburgh Castle seen here at Wallsend on The Tyne in March 1970. She had been built by Swans on The Tees at the former Furness Yard at Haverton Hill. Her stern shows a notch taken out to accommodate her impressive bulk in Palmer's Dry Dock
  4. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Loading grain at Destrahan
  5. DBC, Blohm and Voss 1974

    DBC, Blohm and Voss 1974

    no rust streaks!!!!-- and weeks of great times in Hamburg during the World Cup '74
  6. Dunstanburgh Castle at Narvik

    Dunstanburgh Castle at Narvik

    The DBC as she was affectionately known, on a rare trip to Norway
  7. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    Built at Haverton Hill,Tees for Bamburgh Shipping Co(W.A.Souter&Co). ON337354, GZRW, 100,250dwt. At St Charles ,Destrehan,Mississippi for grain,late 75-- during the great grain export USA/USSR. The 2 tugs were used 24/7 (not a term known back then!) to keep her alongside in the current . The Bam
  8. Dunstanburgh Castle

    Dunstanburgh Castle

    SO WHERE IS THE WATERLINE??? -draft reading, Odessa early 1976 The distinctive "notch" out of the stern was necessary for her to fit above the building dock gate when she was constructed at Haverton Hill on the Tees


    Postcard of her.Only details I have are built 1970 at the Swan Hunter Haverton Hill yard.