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    Royal Mail Lines had only recently taken over the 1949 Hawthorn Leslie built Furness-Houlder Argentine Lines' vessel DUQUESA when photographed passing Gravesend in the dull early morning of 2nd August 1968. She had sailed from Buenos Aires on 8th July. DUQUESA arrived at La Spezia on 14th August...
  2. Duquesa Marina

    Yachts at Duquesa marina December 1985

    UK 1960's Jorgen Lonn negative-photographer unknown
  4. Duquesa

    Duquesa ( Houlder Bros). Montevideo 22.2.1961
  5. Duquesa

    Bought at collectables shop. Photo looks like taken Auckland Harbour. Duquesa Built: 1949 Tonnage: 11,009grt Owners: Houlder Bros and Co Ltd 1969: Scrapped
  6. Duquesa

    This is a different view of the Duquesa to those already posted on site. Time/ location of the photo are not known to me-- I came into relatively recent possession of a CD of many photos of older ships, so I know nothing of the provenance of the photo
  7. Duquesa

    The "Duquesa"in the TYne. When completed in 1949 reputedly had the largest refrigerated capacity of any ship afloat. Spent all her life under this name until broken up at La Spezia in 1969.
  8. Duquesa

    Houlder's "Duquesa" on buoys in the Tyne
1-8 of 8 Results