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  1. Durban 1967

    Looking west along Smith Street (now Anton Lembede Street) from Church Street. On the left, three of the city's cinemas (or bioscopes as they were locally called) - Metro, Playhouse and Colosseum.

  3. Which ships?

    Enlarged detail from previous post, Durban 1967/68. There appears to be a reddish band to the top of the funnel of the ship on the left.
  4. Durban 1967/68

    Eastwards over Durban Bay as viewed from flats in St. Andrews St. (now Diakonia Ave). Left middle distance is the yacht basin and on the horizon, the Bluff. Will post an enlarged detail of those two ships, one a Blue Star vessel, in the hope of getting them identified.
  5. Durban

    The Ocean Terminal in the South African port with the SA Oranje alongside
  6. Durban

    Seen from Northern Star - April 1967
  7. magnificent lines

    Large ro ro in Durban, not sure the quay name.
  8. Union Castle terminal

    This is the passenger terminal in Durban, UC mail boats used to berth here, was on the berth a couple of times on Clan Line reefers.
  9. Cadets ashore in Durban

    Four cadets from BI cadet ship Chindwara heading off for a swim with costumes wrapped in a towel. We were only allowed ashore in Company Blazer and grey slacks or in uniform. I'm the one in uniform (I didn't like ties)
  10. Durban container terminal

    Durban container terminal
  11. Eastbank, Durban, '53

    6th engineer, Blossom, aka Gordon Bruce, and 2nd. Lecky on the Eastbank at Durban beach, Aug. '53
  12. Durban, c.1974

    Durban, c.1974. Stamped and dated 1974, with a nice shot of Holland America's 'Rotterdam' arriving.
  13. Farewell Durban

    British India's ship Kampala is nudged away from Durban's Ocean Terminal, 13th Jan 1970.
  14. Farewell Durban

    A familiar scene from many a liner departing from Durban's Ocean Terminal. In this particular instance it was the British India ship Kampala bound for India, 13th Jan 1970.
  15. UMGENI

    Taken from the deck of the Samnesse on 1st October, 1946.
  16. Afris Pioneer

    Durban - Persian Gulf - Karachi - Mumbay (Bombay) - Mauritius - Durban. Four months as a chief mate and 4 as a master. 7-10-1996 in Durban
  17. Northbank, entering Durban.

    This has been scanned from a BW photo with the name Clan Studio written in pencil. Dated c1963.
  18. QE2

    The QE2 prepares to enter Durban harbour March 1994
  19. Durban

    Durban prior to WW 2, probably mid-thirties. Italian liner Guilio Cesare in the background, built 1922 in Newcastle on Tyne.
1-19 of 31 Results