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  1. Eagle

    In Gibraltar on the 26th May. Daniel

    In company Type 12 frigate HMS TORQUAY and RFA RETAINER
  3. EAGLE

    Same ship as shown here:
  4. EAGLE

    Unknown expedition/research vessel.
  5. EAGLE

    A lonely scene very familiar to me during my time on CLEOPATRA and HECLA based in Devonport early 1970s.
  6. East Coast-1-coaster EAGLE

    The Dutch coaster EAGLE (1951,gt. 388) is London-bound and lies hove-to for the Ramsgate pilot,off North Foreland. regards,frits
  7. Eagle

    Eagle passing Drake Island as she heads out of Plymouth destined for the Scottish breakers. All three R class tugs were involved in the tow. Photo by kind permission of Harry McBride
  8. Eagle

    Eagle about to commence tow from Plymouth to Scottish breakers. Photo by kind permission of Harry Mcbride
  9. Eagle

    Eagle departing Plymouth for the Scottish breakers 14/Sept/78. At the time there were many rumours that Eagle was rusted out and would probably sink during the tow, these proved completely unfounded, her hull was in very good material condition, the list was due to lack of ballast correction...
  10. Eagle

    Eagle departing Devonport for scrap 14/09/78 photo by kind permission of Harry Mcbride

    EAGLE 29th.Dec.1962.I wonder if Dan Dare was the skipper?
  12. Taking of Eagle

    Taking of the Revenue Cutter Eagle during the war of 1812. Commander of Eagle runs the ship ashore to escape being sunk. Removing some of the ships cannon, he set them up on top of the cliff, and along with some local Militia opens fire on the pursuing Brig HMS Dispatch. The landing party were...
  13. EAGLE

    UK Border Force vessel passing Tilbury on the 17th November 2016
  14. Eagle

    The Colonial Maritime ship Eagle passes Maasvlakte outward bound from Rotterdam in 1990. Built 1972 she was 10,773 gr tons.
  15. Princess Alexandra Dock Ferry Port, Southampton

    Swedish Lloyd's 'Patricia' and P&O's 'Eagle' in Princess Alexandra Dock in 1972. Formerly the Outer Dock, and now Ocean Village Marina.
  16. HMS Eagle

    HMS Eagle at Fremantle Feb 1968
  17. Eagle

    View of Eagle's island as viewed arriving on deck from her forward lift.
  18. Guard Vessel Eagle

    Approaching the berth at Eemshaven on 07.11.2010.
  19. HMS Eagle

    Squadron of of Westland Whirlwind helicopters landing on the deck of the British carrier HMS EAGLE
  20. Eagle

    USCGC Eagle, ex Horst Wessel, Sail training ship of the U.S. Coast Guard
1-20 of 35 Results