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east point
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  1. SM U-48

    U-48 at sea. After destroying some 34 Allied ships, U-48 eventually stranded on the Goodwin Sands on 24 November 1917. Earlier in 1917, on 9 March, U-48 had torpedoed and sunk ss East Point but in a bizarre incident East Point had collided with the surfacing submarine causing her to dive and drown
  2. SM U-48

    Conning tower of WWI German submarine. I believe that this shows the damage caused by the collision with the sinking ss East Point on 9 March 1917. The U-boat commander and navigator were both drowned in the incident. East Point's crew of 42 all survived. The U-boat returned to Germany for repai

    EAST POINT, Official Number 113453, built 1901 for Norfolk and North American Steam Shipping Line. Managed by Simpson, Spence and Young until 1910 when N and NASSL was acquired by Furness Withy. On 9 March 1917 EAST POINT was torpedoed by U48 9 miles from the Eddystone Lighthouse. In sinking, t
1-3 of 3 Results