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  1. Eastbank, Japanese vessel, Precila

    Bank Line Eastbank, lying alongside vessel Precila(?)..familiar colours but not sure...Dutch (?), and Japanese vessel inside again. City vessel to the right. Possibly in one of the Calcutta docks.
  2. Eastbank 1960

    Paddy Ramsey and Johnny Pye (johnnytwocoats) The other two apprentices on the Eastbank 1960
  3. Eastbank 1960

    Lefty in the middle. Paddy Ramsey Snr App. on the left and Alex bell 6th Eng on the right.
  4. Eastbank 1960

    off Lagos Christmas 1960
  5. johnnytwocoats

    taken on his first bank Line ship, Eastbank 1960
  6. Eastbank, Durban, '53

    6th engineer, Blossom, aka Gordon Bruce, and 2nd. Lecky on the Eastbank at Durban beach, Aug. '53
  7. Eastbank, Colombo harbour

    Bankline's Eastbank, Colombo harbour, August '53
  8. Eastbank engineer

    They just happened to be passing by and they agreed to pose for him. Honest. Yokohama perhaps, '53.
  9. Gordon Bruce, apprentice, Eastbank

    Apprentice, Eastbank, c.'53/4
  10. Gordon Bruce, apprentice, Eastbank

    Gordon being carried in the manner one was accustomed to as a Bankline apprentice. Durban, August 1953
  11. Eastbank, second mate

    Second mate on the Eastbank taking part in one of the many recreational activities on a Bank boat. The Eastbank had an extensive library, superb radio facilities, well stocked bar, air conditioning and iced water. And pigs flew around us all the time. Settee in the app's. two berth cabin for...
  12. Old Man's dog, Eastbank

    Old Man's dog (the one without the towel) Eastbank, c. '53
  13. Eastbank, Panama canal, 1954

    The Eastbank homeward bound from the Pacific islands (Papua New Guinea, New Britain and New Ireland, Gilbert and Ellice, Fiji, Samoa and the Fannings) twenty four + months out. No radar fitted.
  14. Gentlemen engineers, Eastbank

    Two engineers from the Eastbank at Mount Lavinia in Ceylon in 1953 purporting to be gentlemen. Yes, I know, its a difficult concept to grasp but in this day of equal opportunities........ By the way, if obesity is partly based on genes, where were they hiding at this time?
  15. Eastbank

    OK, lads, clear the dunnage, job and finish. It's now 1100......
  16. Eastbank, Buenos Aires

    Gordon Bruce, app., scraping and preparing the starboard bridge wing varnished front and photographed by me on the port stage c. '53 Who was the nutter who designed a wooden fronted varnished bridge wing on a ship? They took days to scrape, sand and varnish and days to see them go grey again.
  17. Sparks, Bank boat

    Sparks getting his hair cut on the cheap. Ship? Boat deck Eastbank?
  18. Eastbank, Pt Fortin, Trinidad

    Loading bitumen from barges at Pt. Fortin, 1952, on the Eastbank
  19. Eastbank, whistle polishing

    Polishing the whistle first morning in Buenos Aires after 28 days at sea from Calcutta.
  20. Eastbank

    Eastbank in heavy swell
1-20 of 28 Results