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  1. Eastbank, Panama canal

    Eastbank, Panama canal

    Transiting panama canal. Possibility that it was the Westbank
  2. Fanning Island

    Fanning Island

    Loading copra on the Eastbank c. 1954 homeward bound....there would be no other reason for loading it, of course...lying at anchor off Fanning Is. in the Line islands
  3. Bank Line in Calcutta

    Bank Line in Calcutta

    Eastbank, Moraybank, Isipingo in Kidderpore Docks 26th July 1953. Jute being transferred from the Isipingo to the Eastbank for Buenos Aires and Rosario
  4. Doug Scott  - Eastbank

    Doug Scott - Eastbank

    Calcutta ''Eastbank'' July1953 Snr apprentice along with Ray Craig and Gordon Bruce on their first (25 month) trips
  5. Eastbank


    Eastbank Built: 1947 Doxford, Sunderland, Pallion Yard Tonnage: 5,947grt Owners: Bank Line Ltd 1965: Bordazuri 1972: Pella 1974: Sierra 1977: Makedonia II 1977: Engine failure 14.11.1977 1980: Broken up La Spezia.
  6. Ali Akbar, Lamptrimmer (Cassab) and Johnnietwocoats

    Ali Akbar, Lamptrimmer (Cassab) and Johnnietwocoats

    Taken at the stern of the Eastbank 1960. Ali Akbar was the the best seamanship teacher I ever had
  7. Eastbank


    First of the replacement class
  8. Eastbank


    The "Eastbank" at Lyttelton in 1961.