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  1. m.v. Eastern Maid - Officer's Xmas 1960 RJWR.Coll.

    This photo is from the collection of the late Capt. RJW Raudon - Napier N.Z. 'Eastern Maid Xmas 1960. Names on the back L-R. C/E. Tidbury, R/o . Cullen, C/O Maund, 2/0 Raudon, Capt. Thomas ,3/0 Lowe , Purser Ku No doubt some of you ex Jardines men will remember some of them. Butters.
  2. Eastern Maid

    Eastern Maid loading cargo in Yokohama in November 1967.
  3. Eastern Maid

    Eastern Maid in Hong Kong in May 1968.
1-3 of 3 Results