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  1. Eddystone

    In Gibraltar on the 24th April. Daniel
  2. Eddystone

    In Gibraltar on the 4th December. Daniel
  3. Eddystone

    Sailing in company with a Red Funnel ferry on 9th December 2013
  4. Eddystone

    On Southampton Water 9th December 2013
  5. Anvil Point and Eddystone

    Anvil Point and Eddystone alongside in Southampton
  6. Eddystone.

    Eddystone. One of 6 ships T procured under a Private Finance Initiative and available for use as naval auxiliaries to the British armed forces. Southampton 24 April 2013
  7. Eddystone

    Flensburger Schiffbau Point Class ro-ro-cargo ship Eddystone in Southampton, 29 March 2012. Information on the class can be found:
  8. Eddystone

    Eddystone - Belfast Lough
  9. Eddystone Side Ramp Discharge

    Discharging an earth grader belonging to the Royal Engineers in Muscat, Oman. There was no dedicated Ro-Ro berth in Muscat, however for just such occasions 'Eddystone' is fitted with a side door and this was used instead. The sideramp has a capacity of 75 tonnes. Muscat, 11/08/10
  10. Eddystone

    Lying at anchor off Wandelaar whilst awaiting a pilot for Antwerp. We'd just returned from the North Cape of Norway with a mixed Belgian and British cargo - the Belgian contingent to be discharged in Antwerp and the British in Marchwood. M.V. Eddystone 23235 grt, 6971 nrt, 13274 dwt 193...

  12. Eddystone

    Lying at anchor off Cape Gata, near Akrotiri in British Sovereign Territory, Cyprus. She was killing time for a few days prior to making a call at Beirut, thence Soudha Bay (Crete) before returning home to the UK. M.V. Eddystone 23235 grt, 6971 nrt, 13274 dwt 193 x26 x 7.4m IMO 9234070...
  13. Eddystone Main Deck

    Looking aft along the Main Deck of 'Eddystone' in Marchwood about to discharge another load from Iraq/Kuwait (as part of the UK pull out). As well as various trucks, 4x4s and armoured vehicles there was also 4 'Challenger 2' tanks together with an RN Merlin helicopter aboard - quite a...
  14. Eddystone

    Eddystone (I think) - Belfast Dry Dock July 2007 Not 100
  15. Eddystone BBQ

    BBQ and drinks aboard 'Eddystone' somewhere in the Red Sea on 08/12/07. L-R: ETO Barry Pryn (ex Marconi sparks), various Squaddies. 3rd Right to Right - C/O Kevin Foulkes, 2/E Peter Gough (ex NZSCo/Fishers) and C/E Paul Jago (ex Port Line, NERC, Denholms Car Carriers).
  16. Hartland Point, Eddystone

    Hartland Point, Eddystone & RFA Sir Bedivere at Marchwood Military Port, Southampton Water 29 July 2006.
1-16 of 16 Results