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  1. Histories
    Over 50 photographs of United Baltic ships - downsizing so free to a good home. Roy Martin UBC 1958-1963

    Edinburgh Castle sailing from Southampton, date unknown. Picture taken by my late father William Ivan Morris..

    Found this in an old file. EDINBURGH CASTLE. Twenty years ago! As EUGENIO C. she was refitting in Genova. The owner of LowLine asked me to show the ship in Union Castle livery. He liked it, but in the end went for the plain LowLine livery. Pity. Oil on canvas, 24 x 36. 1966.
  4. Edinburgh Castle.

    The classic funnel of Edinburgh Castle looms above the port for the last time. In this pic the steam horn is being tested, though they never used it when she sailed, prefering to use the rather puny air horn that was fitted to the mast. Sadly, the fine 'triple-Bell' chime whistle set was not...
  5. Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle seen departing Southampton.
  6. Edinburgh Castle

    A close up of the Edinburgh Castle at Southampton
  7. Edinburgh Castle

    Union Castle Line Looking a bit less than pristine the Edinburgh Castle gets 'touched up' in Southampton in September 1972
  8. Edinburgh Castle

    Union Castle Line A very nostalgic view of this lovely ship alongside at Southampton
  9. Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle 1910-1941, used as an accomodation ship at Freetown during World War 2, towed out of Freetwon on November 24 and sunk by gunfire from HMS Fal and other Royal Navy vessels
  10. Edinburgh Castle

    EDINBURGH CASTLE Confirmation of movements. Re discussion;
  11. Edinburgh Castle

    M/V Edinburgh Castle Official Direct Cruises postcard of Lowline UK owned passenger ship M/S EDINBURGH CASTLE.
  12. Edinburgh Castle

    EDINBURGH CASTLE 1948 28705 tgr Union Castle Off Southend 20-6-75
  13. Edinburgh Castle

    EDINBURGH CASTLE 1948 28705 tgr Union Castle Taken off Southend 28-6-75
  14. Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle (no other details) supplied to me in the 1980's by Rick McGregory.

    Ahoy, Card description: Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company R.M.S.Edinburgh Castle 1948-1976 28.705 Tons The R.M.S.Edinburgh Castle taken by by G.Duke in Southampton
  16. Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle underway from Southampton.
  17. Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle at Southampton - 1970's sometime, no doubt. Discovered negatives in amongst my collection which I have never seen before until today. My father had been on a sailing boat with a friend on the mission to 'take photos' of the liners for me.
1-20 of 23 Results