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edwin fox

  1. Edwin Fox stern

    Edwin Fox stern

  2. Edwin Fox

    Edwin Fox

    This shot looks through the decks and gives an idea of internal construction
  3. Edwin Fox info

    Edwin Fox info

  4. Edwin Fox

    Edwin Fox

    Edwin Fox, according to the museum in which it is located at Picton NZ, is the ninth oldest preserved ship. I learnt that "preserved" is different from "restored" in that preserved refers to a ship that has a large proportion of its original hull intact. In that sense Mary Rose i


    Bluff NZ 18/2/1893 From left to right Catlin,Onyx,opposite side of wharf. Deveron,Andes,Edwin Fox Edwin Fox survives to this day at Picton NZ and is being slowly restored. She is outboard of Andes in use as meat storage ship for vessels loading at Bluff. She is the last ship laid down for the E