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  1. Eendracht

    Not to be confused with the three-masted schooner of the same name - this is another vessel I can find no information on. Berthed at Enikhuzen, Netherlands.
  2. Eendracht

    In with blades for five wind turbines that are replacing three old wind turbines.
  3. Eendracht, Tall Ships 2011

    Schooner Eendracht departing Stromness harbour 18 July 2011. (From my handy bedroom window.)

    Another view of eendracht, at great yarmouth.

    The Dutch sailing vessel eendracht, berthed at gt yarmouth's south quay on 17/4/07
  6. Eendracht

    Dutch schooner Eendracht in Funchal, Madeira on 29/01/06, breaking her voyage to the Canaries.
1-6 of 6 Results