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  1. Egerton

    Being scrapped in Gibraltar on the 18th July. Daniel
  2. Egerton

    The Alexandra Towing tug Egerton is seen on a slipway at Greenhithe in 1978. Without checking I assumed this to be Everard's yard at the time so I could easily be mistaken. Perhaps there was something in Greenhithe they did not own. The tug is one of those tidy punchy little numbers built by W J...

    Egerton seen standing by the MV AL MOSHTAREE as she starts her approach to enter the drydock on the 23/7/2010.
  4. Egerton

    Howard Smiths EGERTON assisting USS SAMUEL B ROBERTS towards the West India Dock on 05/05/96. Built 1969 195 grt Built as SUBTIL for Progemar of France, renamed EGERTON in 1991
1-4 of 4 Results