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  1. Looking for Old Shipmates
    Looking for old colleagues, friends, shipmates, Aigburth Arms drinking buddies!!! The name is John Seymour. Was at Aulis and Riversdale from ‘72 to ‘76. First Trip was on M.V. Mano, starting in Liverpool on November 23rd 1972. Later served on Fian, Glenlyon, Troilus, Autolycus, Falaba, Priam and...
  2. ONDO

    Does any one recognise it.I thought it was the Flying Enterprise but she went over on her port side.
  3. Demodocus Middies

    All six Demodocus Middies posing for the photographer before going through the Suez Canal on April 2nd. 1965. A motley crew, but so well-dressed!
  4. Loading logs

    Homeward bound - loading logs onto the Egori at Tema, Ghana.
  5. Donga

    Ready to start loading from log-raft alongside.
  6. Donga

    Donga, ready to load from log raft alongside. Not sure what port.
  7. LK268 KESTREL

    lerwick tonight
  8. Salaverry

    I thought this was OWERRI but looking at other photos she is quite different. I think this is an Elder Dempster ship but can't get the name.
  9. Sherbro/Shonga

    One of the Elder Dempster Polish built ships...Sherbro or Shonga...sorry I did'nt list it!! Ship seen here leaving Southampton

    West Africa but don't know where
  11. Taking the train

    EGORI outward bound
  12. Donga

    Elder Dempster Line MV Donga built 1960, gross tonnage 8986. Sailing down the River Thames off Gravesend circa 1978.
  13. Ebani, Elder Dempster

    Homeward bound and getting painted up and beginning to look very smart. Loading logs in Takoradi. One of my favourite ships. c. '57/8
  14. Perang, c'. '57

    The Perang of Elder Dempster in Glasgow or Liverpool
  15. Ebani c.' 58

    Elder Dempster's Ebani on which I sailed in '58.
  16. EBOE

    In Blue Funnel livery.
1-18 of 63 Results