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  1. Laid up in Eleusis Bay

    Several Greek ships seen here laid up in the Eleusis Bay, close to Athen's port of Salamis, about 1960. The three rearmost ships of the "mothball fleet" in the foreground are Liberty ships. Still today, Eleusis Bay is known for its laid up and often rusting vessels.
  2. "Leros" in Eleusis Bay

    "Leros" in 2000 in Eleusis Bay after the fire. She was damaged by fire in 1998 in Piraeus Port and after some years laid up in Eleusis Bay she went to Alaga in 2001. She came in Greece in 1988 as "Ionian Fantasy" for Strinzis Lines, then she was renamed "Ionian Sea", &
  3. The bridge of "Georgios Express"

    The bridge of "Georgios Express". The belgian ferry "Roi Baudoin" (built in 1965) continues to be laid up in Eleusis Bay (in Glyfa). Mayby, one of the most beautiful ferries that ever built. And she is still alive.
  4. "Igoumenitsa Express" and "Agios Vassilios"

    Laid up ships in Eleusis Bay in 1998. We can see from the left part of the photo: - "Igoumenitsa Express" of A.K. Ventouris(ex: "Cerdic Ferry", "Atlas I", "Sifnos Express" - "Agios Vassilios" of A.K. Ventouris (ex: "Hansa Express", "Fi
  5. "Georgios Express" in Eleusis Bay II

    "Georgios Express" in Eleusis Bay in July of 2007. The former begian ferry "Roi Baudoin" continues to be laid up in Eleusis Bay.
  6. "Georgios Express" in Eleusis Bay

    The famous "Georgios Express" in Eleusis Bay in July of 2006. The former "Roi Baudoin" (built in Cockeril Yards of Belgium in 1965) remains there and for this summer. She's a legend of the ships, with a long story of 42 years.
  7. Laid up ships in Eleusis Bay (Greece)

    Laid up ships in Eleusis Bay (Greece) in 2002. We can see "Sea Trailer" of Hellas Ferries and "Express Danae" of Saronic Ferries, which now continues to travel in Turkey as "Erke".
  8. "Wave" in Eleusis Bay (detail)

    "Wave" in detail. In November 2003 after the great storm in the Bay of Eleusis. This ship must be preserved. She looks like a "fossil" ship, compared with the big tankers coming to PETROLA Refinery.
  9. The bow of "Wave"

    Eleusis Bay is a Bay full of of Miracles: You can imagine that I stood at the end of the road and the bow of the ship was almost over my head. In November 2003.
  10. "Wave" in Eleusis Bay (detail)

    "Wave" in Eleusis Bay (detail). In November 2003.
  11. "Wave" in Eleusis Bay

    "Wave" in Eleusis Bay in the region of Skaramamanga (not far of the shipyards). In November 2003, very close to the National Road. Now it is still laid-up in Eleusis Bay (close to Eleusis Shipyards). She could be a perfect museum.
  12. Laid up ships in Eleusis Bay (Greece)

    "Talya I" in Eleusis Bay in 2003. She's the former "Countess M" of MARLINES and Leopard (built in 1968). Next to her is "Crown M" of MARLINES and "Express Aris" of MFD (ex: "Supernaias" and "Kriti")
  13. Laid-up ships in Eleusis Bay

    Laid-up ships in Eleusis Bay, about in 2002. We can see "Silver Star", "Express Hermes" (ex: "Bari Express"), "Queen Kalliope" (ex: "Kamiros") and "Medina Star" (ex: "Saint Killian II")
  14. Laid up ships in Eleusis Bay (Greece)

    Eleusis Bay full of ships, about in 2002. In the photo we can see the bow of "La Palma" and the ships of MarLines "Crown M", "Duchess M", "Grace M", "Her Majesty M". The last two ships were bought by MarLines, but never travelled for her, as they ne

    The former cruise ship "Danae" of John Karras in Eleusis Bay. She used to be one of the most luxurius cruise ships. In the photo the owenership is DreamLine.
  16. "La Palma" in Eleusis Bay

    "La Palma" laid-up in Eleusis Bay in 2002. It is a period in which a great number of ships were also laid up there. This ship is a former french ship who firstly came in Greece with the flag of Kostas Efthimiathis and the name "Delphi".
  17. "Margarita L" in Eleusis Bay

    "Margarita L" in Eleusis Bay, two years before the end. "Marianna 9" has already gone to a voyage without return and "Margarita L" prepares to do the same. Like Persefone who was seized by Pluto, god of the Underworld
  18. "Margarita L" in the sunny Eleusis Bay

    "Margarita L" in the sunny Eleusis Bay. The legend of the ship continues to live, the ship no. It was a great pity to be lost such a ship.
1-18 of 18 Results