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  1. City of Sydney (III)

    City of Sydney at Auckland, c.1960's City of Sydney Built: 1960 Barclay Curle, Whiteinch Tonnage: 10,242grt Owners: Ellerman Lines 1971: City of Montreal 1977: Yat Fei 1979: Broken up at Kaohsiung.
  2. City of Madras

    Built 1945. 10880 Tons. Speed 16 Knots My card
  3. City of Manchester

    Built 1950. 10.900 Tons. Speed !5 Knots My card
  4. City of Poona

    City of Poona. Sorry no infomation. My card. Barney.
  5. City Ship

    City of Manchester. No information. My Card
1-5 of 5 Results